Saturday, July 18, 2009

Taylor Momsen

She loves tiny (microscopic) tattoos!

point your magnifying glass at her left wrist, there you'll see the four crosses.

Thanks to ravenskar for helping me spot this!

source: taylor momsen network


  1. but isn't she only 15?!
    what's the legal age in the US.
    I'm sure it's 18+ at least

  2. haha in california its called venice beach,
    you can be ten and get a tattoo
    i'm fifteen and i know people my age with tattoos

    plus shes a celebrity it doesn't matter how old she is!

  3. clearer picture..

  4. Most established, ie sanitary, tattoo parlors in the US won't touch someone under 18. This girl is trying WAY too hard to be an adult, doesn't she realize that a childhood is one of the only things you cannot buy? Enjoy it while you can.