Sunday, July 19, 2009

Catherine McNeil, again.

I seem to be doing a post on Catherine McNeil every month!

She has so many tattoos she could be the next Freja of the model tattoo world!

I've written about this one before, but i didn't have a good picture of it at the time. It's the words going down her right rib cage.
It says 'The day that I die will be by far the most beautiful day I ever lived.'

The other tattoo I'm posting about is the one on the top of her right thigh. It's a Chinese symbol, I'll try to find someone to read what it says.

UPDATE: the Chinese symbol says 'snake'
source: Tobacco and Leather


  1. I love your blog! i Also find tattoo's really gorgeous and have 8 myself! check out my blog :)
    thankss XXX

  2. Oh I know the word's meaning!蛇 in Chinese,it could be translate directly to snake,this animal.Also means beauty,cold,tricky...etc.