Saturday, April 18, 2009


'Love' on her finger.

The latest tattoo, the gun on her right ribs, done by the tattoo artist named Bang Bang.
Her best friend's birthday in roman numerals on her left shoulder.

Extract from In Style magazine August 2008.
The star tattoo in her left ear.
Stars going from her neck down her back, picture on top is when she first got it done, the picture underneath it is what it looks like now after she had more added to it.

Pisces sign behind her right ear.
'Shhh...' on her finger...which Lily Allen and Lindsay Lohan now both have.
On her right foot a bass cleft and a treble cleft.
Maori design on her right hand representing strength and love.

Having read some of your comments i am aware that i've left some out :P i was in a rush and quickly put this together, but i will find time to fix it! :)

Thanks for your comments!


  1. you forgot her new one, the gun. love love her tattoo's

  2. I love the roman numerals on the top of her left shoulder [which I hate to point out that you've missed ;P]
    Great job on the blog. Reading the little blurb on the right reminded me of the reason behind my own interests in celebrity tattoos.

  3. unos mas lindos que otros..
    great blog!

  4. it's bass CLEF and treble CLEF, not cleft, just FYI! : )

  5. Actually it's not a Bass clef at all. It's a Treble clef and an 8th note.

  6. HA! If you're here to be a smart ass and call out people on their mistakes, make sure you don't look like a jackHOLE by 'correcting' someone with another incorrect statement. It's a sixteenth note genius, not an eighth note.