Monday, April 27, 2009

Cole Mohr

April May June on his chest.

The word 'TEXAS' on his inner left forearm. (elbow joint)
The word 'HOUSTON' on his inner right forearm. (elbow joint)

The word 'wolves' on his left arm

The words 'every day of my life' on the right side of his torso

There is one more tattoo he has on his right arm, close to the wrist area, haven't worked out what it is yet.

Not sure whether this is actually a tattoo or not, or something drawn on for the shoot. It reads 'M.V.P'

Special thanks to 'parisxsummer' for helping me with this post, i couldn't have completed it without them :)


  1. he has something on this inner right forearm as well. 'houston' probably?

    and 'every day of my life' on his ribs. i've read in an interview that he got it on a day that he thought was the best one in his life.

  2. M.V.P is something i think his close friends and he has.

  3. He does have one on his right arm, near his wrist. It's a backwards capital B, and a frontwards capital B. His best friend Luke Worall has a matching one.

  4. He also has another tattoo 'VMC' pretty much going through April May June tattoo