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Reader's Tattoo

Sent in by Juliette

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Not in English.


formspring lovers.

do you think its wrong to "copy" someones tattoo? for example seeing a tattoo you like thats 100% original and getting it exactly the way it is.

It's your body, and if you like it 100% the way it is, i say, go for it.
You might get comments on the fact that it looks completely the same as someone elses.
But if that's what you like, i don't see the point in changing the design.

I want to get a tattoo on my shoulder, do yuo think it will hurt badly? - Annie, Sweden

I'd say the shoulder is properly medium on the body/tattoo scale. It also depends if you're skinny or not, cause the skinner you are, the more it will hurt (theoretically)

I love your blog, I'm looking into tattooing and I want something beautiful, you happen to have random and beautiful mixed into one big happy blog, thank you :D

I hope you manage to find what you want.

For how long do you think I should wait to get my second tattoo when the first one is a month old?

whenever you want! there aren't any rules. I know some people who get two at a time.

what do triangle tattoos mean?

I've actually asked readers this question. Here are the answers:
1. air
2. trinity
3. depends on the person
4. hipster trend
5. gender, up being male, down being female
6. perfection - based on philosophy
7. lesbian pride
8. the band YACHT

Loads of people think you're wonderful and not in over your head, like me :) hope you're having a nice day :)

hope you're having a nice day too!

you shldnt be apologising to anyone about the prices of your tee's. you are using your creativity to make some money and shld be proud of yourself. if someone cant afford one, they shouldnt buy one. if i wasnt studying full time, i would buy 10.

thanks, that's really sweet :)

Please stop posting pictures of marguaux/killing mooon. I find that doing this promotes eating disorders and glamourising her disfigured body is reallsad. Especially considering she was gorgeous before she went on a weight loss rampage.

I posted the picture of her for her tattoos and not her body.
But you're right, eating disorders shouldn't be taken lightly, and i definitely don't want to send that message across.
I have since taken that picture down and replaced it.

What is your other tattoo of?

I'm impressed that you know that I haven't said what my other tattoo was before this post.
My other tattoo is a date tattooed onto the side of my wrist.

the 'get over yourself' person is a jerk and irrelevant. i like your blog. keep doing you.

thanks so much for your support :)

If you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be of and where?

It would be a tattoo on my right ribs that says 'romanticism' in latin.
But my answer always changes.

Have you ever thought about becoming a tattoo artist? Wheres a good place to start?

I wish I could become a tattoo artist, but i really can't draw.

A good place to start is to just shop around all the tattoo parlors with your art portfolio. Ask if they take on apprentices, or simply try to get a receptionists job there. Anything that can get you through the door and noticed.

what part of the body would a tattoo least be painful?

The places with a thicker layer of skin, like your back. The places that would hurt the most would be bony places or sensitive places (e.g. your palm)

is it weird to get the same tattoo as someone famous?

If it's what makes you happy, go for it!
You don't want to get a version of it you don't like as much just because a famous person has it.

Do you have any tattoos of your own & if soo what are they ?

I have two white ink tattoos. One on my wrist, one on the side.
First one says: ridyard
Second one is a date

What tattoo should I get first? I want the latin words Ama Me Fideliter Fidem Meam Noto which translates to "Love me faithfuly, see that I am faithful" on my rib, a little black heart on the underside of my ring finger! Which do you like the best?

I can't decide..haha! i really have a thing for rib tattoos, as well as small symbols.
I'd say go with the rib tattoo, cause you can cover it up if you need to unlike a tattoo on your hand.

Hey there, loving your blog, great food for thought, I've been contemplating getting a tattoo on my wrist of dates example 11:08:06 any thoughts originally I was thinking roman numerals...

I love love love number tattoos. just as much as word tattoos.
If it was up to me, I'd either do it like this: 11.08.06 or with roman numerals, because they can merge at the lines.

Tattoologist formspring rules:

Questions: I will post the questions and answers on here twice a month.

Tattoo blogging requests: If I have the pictures for it I will not post the question up but just the pictures. It might take a while though, I have 99 requests in my inbox.

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Friday Randoms.

Still working on those flower tattoos.

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Lightning Bolts.

working on flower tattoos next.

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More Birds.

I've been getting quite a few requests for more birds.

formspring. me:

I really want a discreet bird tattoo on my rib cage but can't find any photos for ideas! i want the bird to be a swallow, black and grey design,small, either a line drawing or shaded in. deffinitley not colour! any pics? Lowri x

I am getting a tattoo of a bird next week. But i want it to be almost organic or like a generic bird. Can you post some pics of bird tattoos preferably on the arm?

if you type the word 'bird' into the search bar at the top of my blog, you'll be able to see the past posts I've done on birds too. I know I have a bit of a photobucket problem going on, but I've fixed the photos concerning birds for you guys. so enjoy!

pleaaaaase make all your photos come back.

working on it :( It's a long process cause I need to find the exact pictures off my computer and re post them.

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Saturday randoms.

Drink up baby.
It's the weekend.

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Rib tattoos.

I LOVE this blog!! I love tattoos but dislike the assumtion that all tattoos are white trash. This blog disproves that thought! I would Love it if you could post more often! I check it everyday :) also if you could find some rib tattoos?

Thanks so much :) I totally agree. It's difficult when most of the tattoo magazines you seen on the stands look like pornography.

Ask me anything

Question to all readers!

Does anyone know a good tattoo place in Australia that is willing to tattoo in white ink?

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Monday Randoms.