Monday, September 27, 2010

Tattoo book

Hi readers!

Currently going through the tattoos that have been submitted so far. There are some really great ones!
Remember you can still submit tattoos photos for the book!
Do so by e-mailing the photo to me along with your name and location.


  1. how much will the book cost?

    i ask this because i'd really like to buy it, but i do not have so much money :))

    btw i love your blog. it makes me happy.

  2. i would like to buy it tooo! i love the tatttoooos u post

  3. can I email you my friends tattoo? I really love it..and I think you would too:P

    I would like to buy this book, exciting...will it get to Iceland?

  4. Just submit my photo ;)

  5. I'd like to ask as well how much the book will be!