Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do you seriously think that people are going to pay that amount of money for a tshirt they could shred themselves? Get over yourself, love.


Thanks so much for your comment :)

I actually started the store in order to learn from it, I am extremely passionate about fashion, and criticism is definitely a way to learn.

I did a lot of market research before I decided on the price. There are others out there who are making similar items which cost USD$200+.

You're right, anyone can shred tshirts themselves, but it takes time and effort. Your question also brings the big debate, why do some people spend loads on a tshirt whilst others spend way less on a tshirt that looks exactly the same. It's your choice, I haven't tried to force you to purchase one. And i respect the fact that you found the tshirt pricey.

I could have deleted your and completely forgotten about it. But instead I have decided to publish it and respond to it. And I want to tell everyone now that I do agree that I've made a mistake with the pricing. I want to apologize to everyone for my mistake, I have since done further market research and have lowered the price.

There is however one thing I do not agree with. 'Get over yourself' was a bit unnecessary. If you knew me you'd know I am nowhere near big headed or 'into' myself. Close friends often ask me why I keep my blog so anonymous, and the reason is I don't want people to know who I am. I'm just not like that.

And thanks for visiting my blog, hun.

To all my readers: I am sincerely sorry.

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  1. This me me really kind of angry. I Don't Like Mondays was selling one for so much money, and tbh, if I had the money I would've bought it because you're right; it does take time and effort, time and effort that I can't be bothered to put in!

    The person that wrote that is the one that needs to get over themselves.

  2. God, such a fag.
    If you don't like it, don't buy it. People spend freakin' thousands of dollars just for a little freakin' bag. But just because it says 'Chanel' it's okay. So yea, I THINK that people really would pay that amount of money. It's not that much! Get over yourself, really. And if you read this, really try to get over yourself. It would make you a better person (:

    Anyways, I follow your blog daily and I love it! Keep doing at what you're good in.

  3. if people have an issue with the price then don't buy the product. the same argument could be applied to all those 'high end' fashion brands which produce ridicilously expensive clothing and need to get over THEMSELVES.

  4. i dont think that your t-shirts are expensive!
    man man man

    are you shipping to germany !?