Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey, I love your blog and I noticed you post a lot of script tattoos, which I also love, and I just wanted to pass on this site: It focuses on literary quote tattoos. Enjoy!! -Anne J

Thanks so much! :)

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My favourites from the site so far:


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  2. LOVE THIS BLOG :) :) Have 6 tattoos now :) Latest is 'i am free in all the ways you are not' Fight club! Love it!!!!!!! xx
    PS. no idea why blogspot deleted my comment above... well it said some as this one so owel!

  3. i have 6 tattoos as well so far!!!
    i love your blog and you own a place on my favorites blog-roll

  4. Nice tattoo site! I have many tattoos all over and still want more. Cant get too many. Only the $$ stops me. I need to get a second job so I can get more i
    Visit y tattoo site at http://anewtattoo.som

    Thanks =)