Monday, February 8, 2010

Like the tattoologist name! :) I'm 18 in July and have 4 tattoos planned so far but i'm not sure which one to get first, i'm stuck between latin script across my ribcage and an ivy leaf on the inside of my hip. Which would you recomment for a first timer?

It really depends on the size of these tattoos, obviously being a first timer, a smaller one to start off with may be more recommended.
I like both your tattoo ideas, but i do have a soft spot for script ribcage tattoos.
If you chose to decide based on pain, then i say go for the smaller one, or the one on your hip, cause it will hurt less than on your ribcage.
But if you chose depending on which will make a better tattoo, i definitely say the ribcage ;)

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  1. agreed. hips hurt so much less, and they're less visible (i must make this point; not that you're unsure just that you're young). ribcages hurt like a bitch and they look fucking rad when done well, and the aftercare is easier. you don't have to avoid wearing hurtful pants, you get to wear flowly loose shirts (which is a plus in any situation).

    alice d.

  2. what does the tattoo in the photo say?

    1. "________ to live"?? i think..... yeah, i would like to know what it says as well. is it "mad to live"??

  3. so, i had several tattoos planned by the time i was 18 as well....... however, i didn't get my 1st until i was 25 (for my 1st mother's day) just because i always had higher priorities... even though LOVE tattoos and want a lot of them, i had bills to pay, you know? (and my tastes have changed quite a bit since then too, so i'm glad i waited) anyway, i was having a Japanese sleeve designed but the artist was going to charge me way more than he should, so, i decided to go w/ a smaller one that he priced reasonably... leopard print on my foot (which is AWESOME btw). :) it hurt just as bad as labor!!! but, i figured, i had heard that feet are one of the worst places (pain-wise) to get a tattoo, so i might as well get the worst over with 1st. lol and it was well worth it!